NEURODIVERSION is a bimonthly (every other month) newsletter with curated articles, research, and current events that center neurodiverse stories and topics. Issue 1 was released on March 25, 2021 and is available in pdf form! Get your copy by clicking the “Download” button below.

Here are my goals for NEURODIVERSION:

1. To provide a shortcut to useful, interesting information neurodivergent (ND) readers may find interesting, from an ND curator.

Navigating the sea of the internet can be extremely overwhelming, especially when neurodiverse content is by no means mainstream. I’m going to dive in headfirst and bring up the best, shiniest, most interesting treasure.

2. To provide a tool for education and knowledge sharing.

First, for late-identified ND adults.

A lot of the information available (on Autism and ADHD in particular) is focused on children and is written for parents of these children. This is due in no small part to the misconception that these are “children’s disorders” that they will grow out of, which is an inaccurate and harmful stereotype. I’ll focus on information adults would find interesting, useful, and educational.

For an adult who is grappling with a paradigm-identity shift (been there, still doing that), having a regular source of information about neurodiversity in manageable pieces rather than trying to drink from the fire hydrant of the internet all at once may be useful.

Second, for neurotypical folks.

I am passionate about doing any work that will move society toward a future in which neurodiversity is celebrated, invited, and included in ways that respect everyone’s needs. The information I’ll share will be useful for any neurotypical (NT) individual who wants to educate themselves about the ND population and our experiences.

Third, for anyone who’s interested in learning more about neurodiversity, what’s going on in the world of neurodiversity right now, and ways to support this community. And, for anyone interested in making new connections and friends they can connect with and relate to around the topic of neurodiversity. Each issue will contain a “Connect” section in which I’ll share the social media accounts of real-life NDs you can connect with online.

What will it look like?

Here’s a screenshot of the first page of Issue 1.

How do I get a copy?

The entirety of Issue 1 of NEURODIVERSION is available in pdf form! Click the “Download” button to get your copy.

Each subsequent issue will be delivered directly to the email inboxes of those who sign up to receive it.

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I am so excited to learn and grow along with all of you in the wonderful ways of neurodiversity!